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Meet Vincent. After several unfortunate events, Vincent found himself homeless and at a homeless facility. There he found Back on My Feet and began his journey to a new life. Facing a life or death situation, Vincent had a heart condition that only allowed him to walk at first, but his health quickly improved and he built his way up to running. Vincent has now completed six half-marathons and two full marathons including the Chicago Marathon! He also found out he no longer needs heart surgery - he calls this his miracle! His condition has healed itself thanks to his new lifestyle that includes regular runs with Back on My Feet.

Vincent learned how to put together his resume through our Next Steps program and started interviewing. He began working as a custodian and was quickly promoted to Assistant Head Custodian. Vincent joins 60% Back on My Feet alumni nation-wide that experience a promotion within the first year. When his boss retires in 2017, Vincent will take over the role of Head Custodian! Thanks to his hard work, a steady job and learning about building his credit score, he has been in his own apartment for more than two years.

Vincent is an excellent role model for new members as he continues to run with the Back on My Feet community as an alumnus. Vincent provides guidance and encouragement to teammates with smiles, high fives and hugs. He reminds others that with a community of supporters, anything is possible, even miracles.

"Back on My Feet is my  family!"  - Vincent

You are a part of that community.Your support makes stories like Vincent's possible. This holiday season, consider making a gift to Back on My Feet and help a member take flight. Be a hero today!  

$25 – A cape: Can provide a Back on My Feet running shirt and shorts for a member.

$50 – Gaining Speed: Can help a member experience the sense of accomplishment by crossing a finish line of their first half marathon.

$100 – Taking Flight: Can provide training programs in resume writing, mock interview skills and customer service training to members assisting them in finding employment.

$250 – The Power of Rest: Can provide a bed and furniture to make a house a home for a member.

$500 – The Power of Knowledge: Can help a member further their education or gain a certification for employment.

$1,000 – The Keys: Can provide a security deposit for a member to gain independence and move into their own apartment.